Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thankful for 30 Days - Day 5

Desert Rain Storms

I love a good Arizona Deseret Rain Storm.  There is nothing like it in the World!  I love to watch the clouds build fluffy and big like mounds of whip cream in the sky.  You see them darken and turn every shade of gray and silver in the spectrum.  How the clouds shift, change and reflect all the colors of the heavens. There is nothing like the smell of Mesquite and Creosote in the air heralding the coming rain. You can smell the rain in the air and on the wind.  The clouds are usually accompanied by their good friends Lighting and Thunder.  Nature gives you the most amazing firework show. The sky is ripped with such quick bright force of lighting.  Then you get the booming of the thunder. You can feel the storms pounding pulse in the Thunder. You can see sheets of rain coming down in the distance.  No matter where I have lived there is no place like Arizona when it storms.    

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