Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankful for 30 Days - Day 13


I love water! It’s my happy place.  I love Swimming pools, Oceans, Rivers, Streams, Lakes, Sprinklers, Splash Pads, Rain and Tubs.  If it has water then there is a good chance I will like it.

I love the sounds of water.  I find it so relaxing.  It could be anything from the wind blowing on the waves or water cascading into a bucket.  The noise is just so peaceful.

 I love the feel of it.  When I was younger my parents would call me the fish because they couldn’t get me out of the swimming pool or ocean.  Nothing is better than diving into cool water on a hot summer day.  
When I don’t feel good nothing is better than soaking in a tub full of hot water.  You can just feel all your tired muscles relax.  You just close your eyes and drift in the warm water.  You just float in a tub of nirvana. No worries, No carries just relaxing.

There is nothing that taste like water.  You know that feeling it’s like when you have been hiking in the hot, dry sun.  You just crave that first refreshing drink of water.  That first sip is always the best, nothing ever taste as good as that first cool drink.

It helps things to grow, not only humans but all the trees, plants, crops, green grass and flowers.  It gives life to everything.  It can turn a withered plant into a hearty tomato.   It can turn dry land into a thriving oasis.

I just love water and that’s why I’m very thankful for water. 

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