Monday, March 26, 2012

Melancholy Monday

 Charpentier, Constance Marie - Melancholy - 1801

It’s a melancholy Monday.  I know, I know ……….I said I would try to be more positive on my blog but I had a bad weekend and It’s trying to extend into my week.  The weekend started out okay but by Saturday afternoon it had turned dark. 

I had a terrible migraine.  The kind of migraine that feels like an ice pick is being jabbed into your skull. The kind of migraine that just makes everything seem 100 times worse than it really is.  Lately, my migraines have left me alone but I got upset and triggered a vicious monster of a headache.   I didn’t it know it was there hiding waiting for me to have a upset moment.  I think the monster was trying to rally back today but thanks to ibuprofen I kept it at bay.

On top of that it has been very stressful with trying to find a new place to live.  I’m a military brat and should be used to moving but I hate it.  Actually the older I get the more I hate moving.  It looks like we will be moving in June.  Just in time for a hot Arizona summer move.  (We always seem to move in the summertime.  I think I need to work on that and have a better attack plan)

Then of course there is the fact that it’s Spring and everyone is having babies, posting baby pictures, inviting me to baby showers or announcing their little bundles of joy.

So you see, Melancholy Monday works for me today. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have a bad case of the antibloggies

It has been almost a month since I have blogged.  I guess I have a bad case of the antibloggies. 

I could be suffering from writers block? Maybe? I guess.   

It might just be the fact that I haven’t had anything to blog about lately. 

I guess the best answer would be that I am in a funk.  I just posted a video so maybe that can be my inspiration to jump out of my funk and get back to business of blogging.  

These Times

"These Times" by safetysuit has been a great song for me lately.  The first time I heard this song it spoke to me.  I love songs that capture some of the hard moments in life and then remind us that we can get through them.  This song does exactly that.  I really love it!