Friday, November 1, 2013

Thankful for 30 Days - Day 1

Thankful Day: 1

November is the month to be thankful and grateful.  In honor of November I am going to try put what I am thankful for every day.  Today I am grateful for choosing to be happy.
My husband and I had to make a choice in our lives. When you are dealing with Infertility you feel like everything weighs so heavily on you.  The stress of everyday life is compounded by the diagnosis of Infertility.  You don’t realize how much it affects every aspect of your life.  It pops up in family, friends, work, church, marriage and just about everywhere.  The unknown can be overwhelming and depressing.  We had two choices to make.  We could choose to be depressed, sad, anger and all those other negative emotions or we could choose to be happy, joyful, hopeful and positive.
We choose happiness!  Now, that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, it’s far from being perfect.  We still have bad, rough days.   It just means that every day we decide to be happy.  We look for all the good and the happiness around us.  The neat thing about this choice is that once we choose it we started to see all the good everywhere around us.  Now, that doesn’t mean the World changed.  It means that we changed and our attitudes changed. 

I’m very thankful that we chose to be happy.  It has made all the difference in our lives.  

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