Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful for 30 Days - Day 24


I haven’t always been a fan of emotions. I sure wasn't thankful for them.  I haven’t always been the best at sharing my emotions.  It was difficult to embrace my emotions, especially the ones that I considered negative like Sadness or Despair. I always felt that if I shared them that people would judge me or not understand me.  In dealing with our journey of infertility I have had to come face to face with my emotions.  I have had to admit that it’s okay to be sad, angry, grieving and all whole spectrum of other emotions I never knew I could feel.  In coming to accept all this vast emotions I have come to be grateful for these emotions.  I have learned to have compassion of others who are feeling the same feelings.  I have learned to share my emotions more and except all of them both the good and the bad (I’m not perfect at the sharing part but I’m working on it.) I’m thankful for the chance to experience and accept my emotions more. I’m also glad that I can choose to share them with others both the happy and sad.  I’m thankful for emotions and coming to understand my emotions better. 

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