Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day
                My sweet husband has always made an effort to make Mother’s Day special for me.  Mother’s Day can be a hard day for anyone dealing with Infertility.  It’s a whole day dedicated to what you’re not and what you want so desperately to be – A Mother.  Mother’s Day has become so special because my husband makes it Potential Mother’s Day or Wife’s Day.  I love that he always puts me first on Mother’s Day.  It’s my special day even though we don’t have children.
This year my husband bought me the most amazing Mother’s Day gift and card.  It was such a sweet gift.  I really didn’t expect it and that’s what made it even more special.   The gift was a necklace that said “Perfect Brightness of Hope”.  It was a gentle reminder to always have hope. 
I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful support system.  I’m also thankful that while Mother’s Day is hard for me.  My husband it trying to replace what could be a hard day with amazing and happy memories.  I know that when I look back on my past Mother’s Days it will be filled with happy and loving memories.
PS - If you are intrested where my husband bought my amazing necklace it was at: